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Community Notes of Interest that have appeared somewhere on this Web Site in the Past

  • At the February 2017 Annual Homeowners Meeting, the following candidates assumed the positions of 2017 Board of Directors: Jon Saul, Richard Moticska, Jim Kinney, Ameen Sarkees, and Kay Sanders. Florida Statutes 720.306(9)(a) indicates that no election is required unless more candidates are nominated for the board than vacancies exist. For the 2017 term, there were 5 candidates for 9 vacancies. Therefore, the 5 candidates automatically became the 2017 board.

  • 2017 Budget was approved by the November 2016 Board.

  • At the August 2016 Board Meeting, the Board President resigned from the board. VP Jon Saul was voted into the President position. Jim Kinney was voted to fill the VP position. The Newsletter Editor resigned as well due to moving from the community.

  • At the February 2016 Annual Homeowners Meeting, the following candidates assumed the positions of 2016 Board of Directors: Kay Sanders, Jon Saul, Marnie Stant, Richard Moticska, Jim Kinney, Daniel Ferretti, Ameen Sarkees, Joe Ratino, and Debra Woods. Florida Statutes 720.306(9)(a) indicates that no election is required unless more candidates are nominated for the board than vacancies exist. For the 2016 term, there were 9 candidates for 9 vacancies. Therefore, the 9 candidates automatically became the 2016 board.

  • At the regular February Board Meeting, the following committee chair and functional designees were reappointed: Sharon Ferrall as Chairperson of the Architectural Review Committee; George Stant as webmaster; Jim Kinney as outflow control structor/weir monitor; and George Stant as newsletter editor.

  • 2016 Budget was approved by the December 2015 Board.

  • Trash pickup days. Last year, with the delivery of new trash cans, the following trash pickup schedule was established for our community. On Mondays, there will be regular trash pickup, recycle pickup, and lawn waste pickup. On Thursdays, there will only be regular trash pickup. There will be no trash pickup for our community on the following holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Residents will be serviced on their next scheduled collection day. This means that if a holiday falls on a Monday, a regular pickup day for regular trash, recycles, and yard waste, you will not have regular trash picked up until Thursday. Residents will go two weeks between recycle and yard pickup. Please do not place your trash cans at curb side if there is no pickup on that holiday.

  • At the August 2015 Board of Directors meeting, Sharon Ferrall was reappointed as the new ARC Chair for the balance of the Board's term.

  • At the March 2015 Board of Directors meeting, Stacey Burnworth was reappointed as ARC Chair for 2015. Other ARC members were reappointed. Board VP Kay Sanders was appointed as board representative to the ARC.

  • At the February 2015 Annual Homeowners Meeting, the following candidates assumed the positions of 2015 Board of Directors: Jim Kinney, Kay Sanders, Richard Moticska, Marnie Stant, Ameen Sarkees, Jon Saul, and Debra Woods. Florida Statutes 720.306(9)(a) now indicates that no election is required unless more candidates are nominated for the board than vacancies exist. For the 2015 term, there were 7 candidates for 9 vacancies. Therefore, the 7 candidates automatically became the 2015 board.

  • CY 2015 Budget approved by the November 2014 Board.

  • At the March 2014 Board meeting, Stacey Burnworth was appointed as the new Chair of the Architectural Review Committee.

  • At the February 2014 yearly HOA membership meeting the following candidates were elected for the 2014 Board of Directors: Stephen Bowles, Rusty Burns, Dan Ferretti, Jim Kinney, Richard Moticska, Joe Ratino, Charles Rock, Ameen Sarkees, and Debra Woods.

  • At the March 2013 board meeting, Sharon Ferrall was appointed as the new Chairperson of the Architectural Review Committee.

  • At the February 2013 yearly HOA membership meeting the following candidates where elected for the 2013 Board of Directors: Stephen Bowles, Rusty Burns, Mike Ferrall, Richard Moticska, Joe Ratino, Jon Saul, George Stant, and Charles Rock.

  • (September 2012) There was a presentation September 13, 2012, by Ms. Sally Scalera, Horticultural Agent II/Master Gardener Coordinator, University of Florida IFAS Brevard County Extension, on Florida Friendly Landscaping. For those of you who did not have an opportunity to attend the presentation, but would like to hear what was presented, we offer the following for you to read and/or listen to:

    • Here is a "hard copy" of the presentation by Ms. Scalera. This document is in PDF format and is a hand out copy of her Power Point presentation. It can be viewed on your computer screen or, if you wish to listen to her presentation in audio format, this hard copy should be printed out to help you follow along with what is being said.

    • Here is an "audio copy" of the presentation by Ms. Scalera. The SCHOA has been authorized by Ms. Scalera to provide this audio version of her presentation for the benefit of our homeowners. The presentation is approximately one hour long, including questions and answers. It is in "MP3" format and should be able to be heard on most modern computer systems. This audio file will start almost immediately after you click on the link. You may stop the presentation at any time.

    • Other hand outs that were provided at the presentation are a listing of shrubs, ground covers, vines, trees, and other items that are recommended for use in our area. There is also a brief discussion on what to do to help protect the Indian River Lagoon. There is also a list of local native nurseries as well as useful websites.

    • Another hand out that was provided is a brochure that provides a listing of beneficial insects, and 9 items to consider when planning your landscape.

  • (July 14, 2012) Ken from Mallard Environmental Services treated the pond Friday for algae growth. He plans to return next Tuesday for another treatment until we can get the algae under control. I could take several weeks and treatments to get the algae under control. The rain puts nitrogen into the water which feeds the algae. We are running the fountains from 4Pm until 10AM daily to aerate the pond increasing the oxygen levels. We have been advised that the oxygen level is lowest overnight and in the early morning. We have also been advised that grass clippings from lawns, whether fronting the pond or on the inland lots, makes it way into the pond via the drainage system. This also adds to the problem. Fertilizers and pesticides can also end up in the pond, again, due to runoff. All drainage from rain and irrigation flows into the pond. Please help us out by limiting use of fertilizers and pesticides as much as possible, especially during this rainy season.

    (July 10, 2012) According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Department and our pond maintenance contractor, Mallard Environmental Services, the likely cause of the pond problem was Tropical Storm Debby. The University of Florida IFAS Extension notes that hot summer weather can result in oxygen depletion in the water. A decrease in oxygen can be caused by incidents such as cloudy weather, high water temperatures, and plant or algae die-offs that shut down photosynthesis. The Board is working with the experts in the field to correct the problem. A more thorough discussion of the causes and effects will be provided in our summer newsletter due out in the next 45 days. Mallard Environmental Services came out Thursday, July 5th to inspect the pond and remove dead fish. Mallard has been contacted regarding the algae increase in the pond.

    (July 3, 2012) We are experiencing a summer fish kill in the retention pond. In talking with Fish & Wildlife personnel, they think it is as a result of Tropical Storm Debby. The water has been churned up so nutrients that were on the bottom of the pond have risen to the top resulting in an increase in bacteria in the pond. These occurrences tend to deplete the oxygen levels in the water resulting in fish being killed. So far, we have lost approximately 20 grass eating carp and are beginning to see the smaller fish as well. While it is unpleasant to see and to smell, the fish will eventually decompose naturally. While we have removed many of the dead fish, it is impossible to get them all and Waste Management will not pick up until Thursday. In order to increase the oxygen levels, we have reset the timers to run the pond fountains for a longer period, especially overnight as that is when the oxygen levels are lowest. The pond fountains aerate the water, increasing oxygen levels. The situation could last several days. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email at hoa@summerscreek.us or leave a message at 321-872-7462.

  • A March 2012 note: Here is an interesting little-known list of facts about water. This was taken from information recently provided by the City of Cocoa Utilities Department. Read it and enjoy.

  • A November 2011 note: We're recently added a web link to the St Johns River Water Management District web site that contains all of the appropriate rules concerning watering restrictions in our area. Please click on the "Our Community" button at the top of this page, then scroll down to the topic "In Our Area". For our community, you can water your lawn once a week during Eastern Standard Time (EST); twice a week during Daylight Savings Time (DST). During EST, homes with an odd numbered address can only water on Saturday, but not between 10 AM and 4 PM. Homes with an even numbered address can only water Sunday, but not between 10 AM and 4 PM. During DST, the watering days for homes with an odd numbered address are Wednesdays and Saturdays. The watering days for homes with an even numbered address are Thursday and Sunday. Again, no watering can be done between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.

  • A June 2011 note: One of our neighbors spotted a small alligator, estimated to be about three feet long, in our retention pond. The County Alligator trapper was contacted and came out to see the it. It is our understanding that an alligator needs to be at least four feet long before it will be removed by the County. As the alligator in our retention pond was only about three feet long, the trapper would not remove it. The retention pond through one of the several drainage culverts around the pond and hopefully leave the same way. While he was here, the trapper noticed one of the turtles that live in our pond. The trapper advised that the turtle had razor like gums and can bite if provoked, especially if it felt threatened.

  • A May 2011 note: For those fortunate families who live around our beautiful retention pond, PLEASE when you cut your grass do not blow grass clipping into the pond. It is a simple matter to reverse the blow direction so that when the last few rows nearest the pond are cut, you reverse direction so that grass clippings blow away from the pond. Grass clippings often just lay on the top of the water for a while and if they lay long enough, they begin to smell.

  • A May 2011 note: Have you noticed the new signs at the entrance to our community? The old signs were estimated to have been installed in the mid to late 1990s and were in need of replacement. Thanks to one of our SCHOA board members who worked with a local sign company to make this happen.

  • A May 2011 note: The next time you come into our community, note that for the first time in several years, we have all of the gas lamps working along the top of the wall at our entrance. Thanks to one of our SCHOA board members who has been working with the company who originally installed the lamps to get it fixed.

  • A May 2011 note: On the evening of March 30, 2011, there was a Summers Creek community Crime Watch Meeting at the Pavilion room on Kiwanis Island Park. An excellent presentation was conducted by Brevard County Sheriff's personnel that talked about crime prevention and ideas that could be implemented by homeowners that would provide additional safety to themselves and their property. Summers Creek is a Neighborhood Watch community.

  • A November 2010 note: Most folks love dogs and cats, and often have one as a pet at some point during their lives. Dogs in particular need to be walked and they love to explore and sniff everything in their paths. They also need to "do their thing," often in someone else's yard. Pet owners are reminded to act responsibly by observing the leash laws and thoroughly picking up after your pet in the yards of others. Also, if someone asks that you not use their yard, please respect their request. Remember, having good neighbors generally requires being good neighbors.

  • A November 2010 note: Regular trash pickup in our community is on Monday and Thursday. Recycle pickup is on Thursday. Yard waste pickup is on Wednesday. For regular and recycle pickups, please place your containers at the curb as late in the day the day before pickup as possible in order to keep our streets looking as presentable as possible. After the trash has been picked up on the scheduled day, please return your containers to your home as soon as practical during the day or after returning home in the evening. If there is no trash pickup due to a holiday or for other reasons, please return your trash receptacles to your house until the next scheduled pickup date. Recently, Veterans Day fell on a Thursday, normally a trash and a recycle pickup date. There was no service due to the holiday. Many neighbors left their trash and recycle bins at the street until the next pickup the next week. The containers should have been returned to the home until the next pickup day and not left in front of their respective homes for, in the case of the recycle bin, a full week later. Help us keep our neighborhood attractive.

  • A Spring 2010 note: Please refrain from parking vehicles such that they block the sidewalks. This is dangerous as children can dart out into the street with no warning. Additionally, persons in wheel chairs/walkers are forced to move into the street if sidewalks are blocked - very dangerous.

  • A Spring 2010 note: Please refrain from parking boats and/or trailers on the street. This can hamper fire and rescue vehicles.

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